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Marketing Automation Services

Marketing automation gives you the power to generate more leads, drive more sales, and create a significant return on your investment. Eagle Digital Marketing offers a range of features and benefits, including, email automation, behavior tracking, lead scoring, call tracking, website forms, and landing pages.

Digital Analytics

What Is Marketing Automation?

It’s a suite of tools used for campaign optimization.

Generate Leads

Identify Anonymous Visitors with Visitor ID; Capture Information with Dynamic Forms; Campaign Optimization; Social Media Integration

Drive Sales

Lead scoring to alert hot leads; Email automation for nurturing; behavior tracking for lead insights; Sales notifications

Measure ROI

Comprehensive campaign analytics; Google AdWords integration, Exportable graphs and reports; Eliminate waste; Invest in successful tactics; Content ROI tracking

What are the MOST IMPORTANT OBJECTIVES for marketing automation?

Increase sales revenue 0
Improve lead nurturing 0
Increase lead generation 0
Improve marketing productivity 0
Improve lead quality 0
Imporve performance measurement 0
Imporve marketing-sales alignment 0
Reduce sales cycle 0

Reaching out to individually nurture leads one at a time isn’t realistic for most companies, and takes a huge amount of time for the ones that do. Marketing automation’s strength is that by segmenting leads based on interests and stage in the buying cycle, you can have a one-on-one conversation... with thousands of people at once.

Lead generation is what fuels the entire sales process. Without leads, you don’t have anyone to sell to. Marketing automation can identify the 98% of web traffic that is usually completely anonymous - enabling you to significantly increase leads from your web traffic.


Eagle Digital Marketing is a proud partner of SharpSpring, the leading provider of marketing automation software for small and medium sized businesses.

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