Overcoming Publisher’s Block

overcoming publishers block

Overcoming Publisher’s Block

These days it’s getting easier to self-publish. It’s one thing to write – but then what? We can overcome writer’s and publisher’s block by setting out to put some of the proceeds towards making the world better. This is what helped me to actually visit Amazon today, revise and upload a book.

Small victories – I wasn’t feeling particularly motivated, but in honor of the 20,000 children who die each day from preventable diseases, in honor of the idea of trying to help save some of them, I revisited self-publishing. These thoughts helped me accept that even if I wasn’t going to feel like it, I should do it anyway.

I’ve given up for the time being on seeking funding for the idea of the stock exchange for non-profits (, and have been thinking of ideas of how to generate revenue to self-fund, so I’m going to start self-publishing books. If there’s such thing as writer’s block, there’s also “publisher’s block”. The book was already written, but I needed to revisit/revise, jump through some hoops, and upload the book to Amazon. Release is 7/11, we’ll see how it goes.

Among other discoveries, I found the cover design tool at to be very helpful.

Any questions on how to do this stuff? Feel free to email me at [email protected]

P.S. If you’d like a free copy of the book in return for an honest 2-3 paragraph review, let me know.